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Comprehensive and Concentrated Learning Programs

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These popular sessions offer individualized instruction in a small group setting and are designed to focus on a particular part of the game or are geared for a certain golf ability level. So whether you are looking to lower your score or just hit more quality shots, we have a program for you.

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New Golfer Clinic Thumbnail

New Golfer


This is a comprehensive introduction for new golfers who want to get started right. You'll begin with the basics of grip, posture, stance, aim and pivot and then progress to your specific individual needs. With our time tested beginner program, you’ll be surprised how quickly you develop lasting skills. This program is designed to teach new golfers in a fun, non-intimidating environment.

Full Swing Tune-Up Clinic Thumbnail

Full Swing Tune-Up


Computerized video analysis, training aids and drills are utilized to correct your full swing problems and help you reach a new level. We’ll leave your basic swing intact while working to correct the one or two weak areas that cause your miss-hits and inconsistency.

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Half Day School


The half day school is ideal for golfers that don't want or need a full day of instruction but still want the benefits from a comprehensive and concentrated learning program. In addition to the full swing, this 3 hour class includes instruction on chipping and the all important pitch shot.

Scoring Zone Clinic Thumbnail

Scoring Zone


With the right chipping, pitching and sand play fundamentals, you can start getting "up and down", instead of throwing strokes away. In addition to learning the correct technique, we'll discuss short game strategy, club selection and help you develop better feel.

Driver Intensive Clinic Thumbnail

Driver Intensive


Add power, accuracy and consistency to your tee shot. Computerized video analysis and Dopler Radar Launch Monitor technology is used to assess your current driving status. Then we’ll devise a learning plan just for you. No gimmicks, no band-aid fixes. Pure science and knowledge will help build a solid foundation for rapid improvement.

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Two Day Clinic


Need a quick total game tune up but still want time during the day to play golf or enjoy all that Tahoe has to offer? This unique learning program gives you a total of six hours of instruction spread over two days. The two day clinic includes full swing instruction each day in addition to lessions on the four short game shots-- chipping, putting, pitch shot and sand play.

Create a Full Day Package

Turn a 3 hour clinic into a full day of golf at Old Greenwood by adding lunch and a round of golf (with cart) after class.

Low Season (October-May)$75
High Season (June-September)$125

Are You Ready to Learn from the Best?

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All clinics are available year round and to all skill levels. Contact us with the link below to register for one today.

Putt Like A Pro

90 Minutes | June-September

First we make sure your putter is right for you. Then you'll learn our simple 4-step system to perfect your putting set-up so you can automatically and consistently make a square stroke. You’ll learn how to read greens and improve your feel. We’ll design drills just for you, so you'll have a tailor made practice routine to continue your improvement when you leave.

- $125 -