Private Lessons

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Give Your Golf Game the Special Attention it Deserves

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Private golf lessons are appropriate for anyone that wants to tackle a particular problem in a one-on-one, 45-minute session.

Whether you need full swing or short game help, you'll be given common sense tips that are easy to understand and apply.

Instruction Locations Junior Golf

Old Greenwood Lessons Thumbnail

Old Greenwood

45 Minute Private Lesson

Public $200
NCGA $180
Junior (17 & under) $90
On Course Lessons Thumbnail

Whitney Oaks

45 Minute Private Lesson

Public $150
Series of 3$400
Junior (17 & under) $90
Junior Series of 3 $225

On-Course Play Lesson

3 Holes $150
2 Hours $300

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Beginner Lessons

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Golf can sometimes be intimidating for new players. It can feel like there is so much to learn about the swing and the equipment and how to play on the course. But Keith enjoys helping new golfers get started so they will learn how to play the right way, right from the start. The good news is, beginner golfers don’t have any bad habits to correct and it’s a lot easier to learn a new skill than it is to unlearn bad habits.

Keith will help you avoid the typical beginner golfer pitfalls and master the important fundamentals in an easy step-by-step fashion. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll improve, even after just one lesson.

While a 45 minute private lesson is a great way to get started, some beginners may want to learn the game in a group with other new golfers. The New Golfer Clinic is a fun option to consider--For more information click on the Clinics button below.

Golf Clinics Junior Golf